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Genie Networks is now in technical alliance with A10 Networks

Genie Networks is pleased to announce the collaboration of GenieATM and A10 Thunder TPS, offering an advanced network management system with network-wide protection against malicious network attacks.

As our daily life now relies heavily on network services, network security has become a critical subject for service providers. Among all network threats, DDoS attack is the most intimidating network threat as it paralyses networks and disrupts service availabilities.

Genie Networks is a leading provider of network management solutions and specialises in network-wide monitoring and analysis for large service providers, ensuring a quality services and an uninterrupted operation. In addition to network performance analysis, GenieATM’s Network Behaviour Analysis-based engine detects and initiates alerts when there is an abnormal network activity. Once alerted, A10 Networks’ A10 Thunder TPS™ Series, designed to provide network-wide protection against a variety of volumetric and sophisticated DDoS attacks, would take the necessary mitigating actions.

The partnership of Genie Networks and A10 Networks signifies a further advancement in network performance and security protection as Genie Networks continuously strives to provide top-quality solutions to our valuable customers.