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GenieATM monitors RNC and Node B traffics in IP RAN for Beijing Unicom

Genie Networks is pleased to announce that Beijing Unicom is using GenieATM for Radio Network Controller (RNC) and Node B traffic monitoring in their IP RAN (Radio Access Network).

Beijing Unicom is one of the largest telecommunication service providers in Beijing and was officially established in 2008. Beijing Unicom provides enterprises and end users with all telecom related services, including mobile phone, fixed line telephone, data communication, internet, broadband access, and value-added services such as mobile applications, technical services, information consulting and etc. With a customer base of more than ten million users, Beijing Unicom is devoted in upgrading and digitalizing communication infrastructure in Beijing.

Beijing Unicom carried out an infrastructure upgrade from traditional TDM backhaul to IP RAN backhaul network and thus requires a network monitoring tool to provide traffic visibility and analysis reports for RNC and Node B for better network resource management and troubleshoot. Such tool should allow network operators to have full understanding of traffic loadings at the Node B and RNC to avoid data traffic congestions and to troubleshoot within the shortest time when required.

Beijing Unicom has chosen GenieATM Controller 6335 as their solution and is deployed at their Beijing office to monitor traffic flows of RNCs and Node B. GenieATM collects traffic flows from the network and presents the analysed traffic into meaningful reports which can be used by network operators as reference to understand the traffic status of the network and in this case, at Node B and RNC. Each Node B to RNC connection is configured as a sub-network on GenieATM via IP address, and a group of Node B is governed by a RNC. Filter configurations can be used to show the traffic data at a specific Node B as when required. Additionally, Anomaly Traffic Detection Engine along with the anomalies reports provided by GenieATM could allow network operators to quickly troubleshoot network anomalies to ensure network availability.

GenieATM provides Beijing Unicom a smooth transition to IP RAN backhaul network by monitoring the status of IP network cutover and gaining in-depth traffic visibility of the entire IP RAN. GenieATM examines traffic flows at each Node B and RNC and provides Top-N report to network operators for alleviating network congestion in order to achieve better network planning and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

About Beijing Unicom

China United Network Communications Group Co., Ltd ("China Unicom") was officially established on 6 January 2009 on the basis of the merger of former China Netcom and former China Unicom. It has subsidiaries in 31 provinces across China and many countries and regions around the world. As of the end of 2008, the total assets of the Company reached 500.09 billion yuan and the number of employees stood at 463,000. Committed to raising its overall competitiveness and sustainable development capacity and becoming a world leading provider of broadband communications and information services, China Unicom will further enhance the development of its services, expand its business scope and improve the quality of service while adhering to the market-oriented and customer-focused principle and emphasizing the development of mobile broadband Internet services.