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Chief Telecom monitors network traffic for transit and peering stability with GenieATM

Genie Networks is pleased to announce the deployment of GenieATM at Chief Telecom to assist with various AS and peering analyses.

Chief Telecom is a leading telecommunication service provider in Taiwan specializing in VPN services. Being an important internet hub and digital gateway, Chief Telecom provides an extensive global connectivity and network services to many enterprises and international corporates across Asia. With the increasing need of internet services, the amount of traffic exchanged at Chief Telecom’s data centre continues to expand and grow rapidly. A comprehensive solution is required for network-wide AS and MPLS-VPN traffic analysis as well as real-time and historic troubleshooting to reduce MTTR.

Chief Telecom has chosen GenieATM 6365 Controller to be deployed at its data centre monitoring more than fifty routers within its network. As the network coverage spans across Asia, Chief Telecom uses GenieATM to monitor the stability of AS and analyses network traffic for transit and peering. In addition to network-wide analysis, GenieATM can also performs AS and peering analysis and MPLS-VPN traffic analysis for specific customers when required. GenieATM is equipped with Managed Service Provision (MSP) which provides multi-user access accounts allowing different customers to simultaneously access, manage, and troubleshoot their own network.

GenieATM ensures the network performance and reduces troubleshooting time hence saving maintenances costs as well as improving customer’s satisfaction. GenieATM is particularly effective in creating value-added customers through MSP function, giving VIP customers a greater control and management of their networks.

About Chief Telecom

Chief Telecom, the leading brand of VPN service provider in Taiwan, serves many enterprises and multinational business corporations in Asia. Chief Telecom was established in 1991 and has officially become a subsidiary of Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. since 2006. By integrating resources from Chunghwa Telecom and global telecom partners, Chief provides a seamless network service platform across Asia. With the extensive global connectivity, Chief is an important internet hub and digital gateway for Asia and the business scale and network coverage continues to grow.