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GenieATM is chosen to assist China Mobile in achieving country-wide flow collection and analysis for MPLS VPN networks in IP Bearer network

(17th July 2012) Genie Networks today announced that GenieATM has been chosen for MPLS VPN traffic analysis in the IP Bearer Network by the world’s largest mobile phone operator, China Mobile.

As the leading mobile service provider in China, China Mobile boasts the largest mobile network in the world. Thus, China Mobile requires a powerful solution for collecting MPLS VNP network traffic as well as performing analysis on flows in order to provide an effective basis for infrastructure management while gaining precise understandings in business developments in different applications. Based on the monitored traffic between nodes and the applications, the collected information is imperative for network planning and bearer service fine-tuning.

IP bearer network is constructed on the basis of IP network technology with the aim of providing telecommunication service providers an effective solution for enhanced QoS, security, and management in IP networks. The MPLS VPN network layer structure of China Mobile is made up by a number of core routers located in various key locations with connections to broadband routers and access routers to further reach different provinces and cities.

The phase 1 deployment covers approximately 25% of China Mobile’s entire network. GenieATM 6371 and GenieATM 6133 is centrally deployed at network managing centre at the China Mobile headquarter collecting MPLS-aware flow v9 from approximately 200 PE routers, monitors primarily the traffic flows of soft switch, media, and voice for around 800 VPN sites from the entire country. The high capacity supported by GenieATM allows China Mobile to adapt to a simple deployment at backbone network while achieving network-wide flow analysis and visibility.

The collected MPLS VPN flows can then be used for analysis to generate various sub-network reports, rule-based reports, and real-time traffic analysis, as well as to integrate with 3rd party network management systems to provide abnormal traffic behavior alerts.

About China Mobile

Incorporated in Hong Kong in 1997, China Mobile Limited (China Mobile) is a Chinese state-owned telecommunication Company and is currently the largest mobile phone operator in the world with more than 650 million subscribers. The services range from mobile voice to multimedia services. The network capacity, number of subscribers, and business revenue of Guangdong Mobile accounts for 17%, 17%, and 20% of China Mobile, respectively, and supports various levels of local governments and extensive customers. China Mobile is listed on the NYSE and the Hong Kong stock exchanges. China Mobile has also expanded its business overseas to Pakistan in 2007.