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Chung Hwa Telecom International Business Group provides MSP services to its VIP customers with GenieATM MSP Server

(30th Oct 2012) Genie Networks today announced that GenieATM MSP Server has been chosen as the effective solution to serve the VIP customers of Chung Hwa Telecom International Business Group.

Chung Hwa Telecom International Business Group offers a variety of services to assist large enterprises and VIP customers in gaining a better international communication experience with overseas; this includes international calling cards, International Private VPN (IPVPN), international video conference, international Satellite Communication business, and etc. The business involves dealing with complex international matters while maintaining its customer loyalties through different value-added services. As the technology develops, customers are expecting to have an effective managing tool via proprietary Web Portal to perform traffic analysis of their own network, anomaly traffic detection and mitigation, and real-time troubleshooting.

GenieATM MSP Server provides the effective value-added service to VIP customers to carry out their own preferred network management. Different levels of authorities can also be given to different administrators for better management and confidentiality. More importantly, a single GenieATM MSP Server could be shared among many users providing multi-user account accesses across the network. GenieATM MSP Server collects flow packets and provides customers the required traffic analysis of their own scoped network through powerful analysis tools.

In this case, one GenieATM 6110 MSP Server is deployed in the backbone network and is used primarily for its Anomaly Traffic Detection (ATD) and attack mitigation by black-holing anomaly traffic, and to generate MSP related reports. The VIP customers also use the filters to produce rule-based reports and other AS analysis related reports. With GenieATM MSP Server, customers are able to monitor and mitigate for any anomalies in their network while saving maintenance costs and reduces troubleshooting time for service providers.

About Chung Hwa Telecom International Business Group

Chung Hwa Telecom International Business Group providers services in international calls (IDD, Super eCall), international phone card, conference calls, video conference, TWGATE, International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC), IDC, International Private VPN (IPVPN), and etc. Chung Hwa Telecom International Business Group is a branch company of Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd., which is the largest telecom and internet service provider in Taiwan. Chunghwa Telecom was officially established in 1996 mainly covering businesses in fixed line communication, mobile telecom, and data communication. As the business types grow with diversity, Chunghwa Telecom has developed many branch companies as well as overseas offices to specialize in each business type and to extend its geographical coverage.