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Custom Connect praises GenieATM in offering quick DDoS detection method

GenieATM, the network traffic optimization device designed for large service providers, has recently been complimented by Custom Connect as being a quick and efficient tool against DDoS attacks.

Custom Connect is a global operating data communication specialist that has branches in Amsterdam, London, New York and Dubai. The company offers tailored network plans according to its customers’ best interest. Having mapped out every single network line across the world, Custom Connect goes beyond a mere single service provider and instead integrates with multiple vendors for the most efficient route. Benefit of this approach is that it bundles all carriers’ contracts into one single package, lessening the hassle for customers while promising them the best network experience to offer.

Custom Connect has a global reach to more than 250 countries. The wide coverage of its network indicates an essential need for network transparency to supervise large traffic volumes. GenieATM reinforces Custom Connect’s network stability by real time monitoring netflows and produce traffic reports based on users’ preference. When encountering a DDoS attack, GenieATM aids operators to clarify the problem by leveraging Traffic Snapshot. Snapshot is a real-time troubleshooting technique that comes with abundant analysis criteria and various aggregation methods to produce top-N analysis. The goal is to drill down and determine the DDoS whereabouts and pinpoint the trouble source. Appropriate actions can then be taken to mitigate the attack through black holing the attacking flows or redirecting them to a cleaning center.

Custom Connect have been genuinely pleased with the outcome. After working closely with GenieATM, Custom Connect’s Technical Architect praises that “The ability of GENIE to instantly, quickly and accurately co-relate netflow data in and out of our core and turn that into easy to interpret alerts and mitigation actions has significantly speed up and improved DDOS visibility and our resilience as a direct result.”