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Cyberia Group gains clear traffic visibility with Genie Networks’ GenieATM

Genie Networks is pleased to announce that Cyberia Group has chosen GenieATM to ensure enhanced traffic visibility and advanced anomaly detection.

Cyberia Group is a leading internet and security provider based in Saudi Arabia. It offers multinational solutions and leveraged competencies with over 1000 regional customers. Cyberia takes pride in its professional, dynamic management team that explicitly strives to fulfill every customer’s network solution needs. Cyberia is a subsidiary of Oger Telecom, a leading fixed and mobile operator in Turkey, South Africa, the Middle East and other emerging markets.

Cyberia Group’s network contains multi Giga Internet links of different router brands and models. By leveraging the network flow technique, GenieATM coordinates all the different types of routers’ raw data to gain a macroscopic view of the traffic status within Cyberia’s network. Admins need only to define the required network boundaries, and GenieATM will automatically produce traffic reports based on the defined areas. Admins can also add customized reports to query a specific monitored object or time period. Using GenieATM’s rule-based traffic analysis mechanism offers the highest amount of customization.

Furthermore, GenieATM’s anomaly detection capabilities have empowered Cyberia to identify some prevalent DDoS attacks and traffic anomalies. Common DDoS attacks such as flooding attacks, fragmentation attacks, and reflection attacks can be detected. Once GenieATM detects an attack, notification will be sent out, enabling Admins to effectively mitigate or black hole the anomaly traffic, thus ensuring the connection quality of normal network traffic.