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GenieATM gives Fujian Unicom network-wide traffic analysis

Genie Networks is pleased to announce that GenieATM is now deployed to assist Fujian Unicom achieving more effective network monitoring.

Fujian Unicom IP network is a main network in the province and is a part of China Unicom China 169, which is an enormous infrastructure network covering most of the municipalities in China as well as having overseas POPs in USA and Hong Kong for overseas businesses. Fujian Unicom offers various data services and has more than twenty thousand stores in the province with twenty-six thousand mobile base stations and nearly seven million subscribers, making Fujian Unicom one of the most important infrastructure network operators.

As the technology evolves and network demand increases, the ever-growing network scale requires a solution to monitor the network traffic flow and analyse the trend of bandwidth growth for better future network planning. Fujian Unicom has deployed GenieATM 6371 to monitor for any network-wide anomaly and promptly locate the attack so that the cleaning device and NMS can be alerted via Syslog for real-time analysis.

In addition to anomaly detection, GenieATM is also widely used for monitoring tunnel traffic in the IDC network. When abnormal Into/Out of traffic flows is found in the network, GenieATM could generate Top-N reports to show the IPs with top traffic volume. The results can then be applied to identify and further verify the source protocol and port for the suspicious IP address.

About Fujian Unicom

Fujian Unicom is one of the most important telecom providers in the province providing various mobile and telecom services including fixed landline, domestic and international telephone network, value-added services, data, voice, and etc. As one of the busiest cities in China, Fujian Unicom has nearly seven million subscribers generating more than $4.6 billion RMB annually by the end of 2012.