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Gingko’s Technology in collaboration with GenieNRM to enter DDoS protection market in Korea providing solutions for internet securities

GenieNRM today revealed that Gingko’s Technology has recently become the sole agency for GenieNRM in Korea providing solutions for traffic analysis and DDoS attacks prevention.

GenieATM 6000 provides an integrated solution to internet service providers with the intelligence of flow analysis and protections against DDoS attacks. By using real-time data mining and anomaly detection, GenieATM gathers and analyses the flows from the routers network-wide so that the internet behavior of DoS / DDoS attacks and anomalies can be identified through Network Behaviour Analysis based Detection. Real-time alerts are generated to notify network managing operators to carry out mitigations via 3rd party mitigation devices with the assistance of Snapshot forensic tools.

The conventional security solutions, such as firewall, antivirus, and IDS / IDP, cannot provide sufficient defense against DDoS attack which is the most popular security threat among all internet attacks. ISP’s servers and backbone is being targeted by such malicious attacks. GenieATM is equipped with high performance anomaly detection engine that is proven effective in prevention against zero-day attacks, DDoS attacks, and worm attacks and could promptly alert the system operators for locating and mitigating attacking traffics.

GenieNRM provides solutions to 85% of the ISP and IDC market in Japan and China. In Korea, some ISPs and IDCs have shown great interests in the GenieATM solution for DDoS prevention and demo requests are already in place.

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