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Guangdong Mobile has chosen GenieATM as solution for retrospective analysis and forensic

GenieNRM today announced that GenieATM is chosen by Guangdong Mobile as their solution for historical report rebuild in seeking of retrospective analysis and forensic.

Guangdong Mobile is the largest mobile operator in Guangdong province which has the most amount of data flow out of all China provinces. Maintaining such scale of network requires a solution that provides analysis and anomaly detection for real time events as well as the facility to resolve historical issues in order to achieve trouble-free operation. With GenieATM, Guangdong Mobile can manage and maintain the entire network efficiently through sub-network application distribution analysis, peering analysis, cost analysis, specific interface/link monitoring, security detection, and most importantly, retrospective analysis.

The retrospective analysis and forensic function provided by GenieATM predominantly motivates Guangdong Mobile in selecting GenieATM as their solution. GenieATM allows historical raw flow data to be stored in disks and can later be accessed for customized analysis and forensic whenever is required. The deployed GenieATM system, which consists of GenieATM 6367, GenieATM 6165, and GenieATM 6203, is centrally located within the Guangdong Mobile backbone network in order to collect the data flow from routers at backbone hence achieving network-wide flow analysis, anomaly detection and retrospective analysis.

In addition to historical report rebuild, GenieATM generates reports according to different purposes. Guangdong Mobile also uses GenieATM to generate internet report, sub-network report (application distribution report), cost distribution, and real time traffic analysis (snapshot troubleshooting).

About Guangdong Mobile (廣東移動)

China Mobile Communication Group Guangdong Co., Ltd., also known as Guangdong Mobile, is a wholly owned and subsidiary established in Guangdong by China Mobile Communications Corporation. Guangdong mobile was first established in 1987 and was later incorporated in Hong Kong as China Mobile Limited (China Mobile) in 1997. China Mobile is currently the largest mobile phone operator in the world with 655 million subscribers. The network capacity, number of subscribers, and business revenue of Guangdong Mobile accounts for 17%, 17%, and 20% of China Mobile, respectively and supports various levels of local governments and extensive customers.

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