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GenieATM Showcased at

Genie Networks is pleased to inform that our channel partner- TechAccess will be attending, the largest security trade show in the Netherlands for IT professionals on Oct 29 &30. During the exhibition, our GenieATM will be showcased by TechAccess to demonstrate its superb security protection against DDoS attacks.

GenieATM is a real-time traffic mining system that provides network-wide traffic collection, analysis and anomaly detection. Unlike traditional security products such as firewalls or intrusion detection and prevention (IDP) systems which only protect end user’s networks, GenieATM offers comprehensive network infrastructure protection by sending alerts to administrators for mitigation actions once discovering DDoS attacks. Another feature of GenieATM is its powerful Snapshot tool which can make on-line troubleshooting a breeze by inspecting current traffic cache in just seconds. All in all GenieATM is the ultimate solution for every network management needs. So be sure to come by our partner’s booth and experience the most trusted network security solution for carrier-grade networks.