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Jiangsu Telecom opts for GenieATM solution to achieve effective network-wide anomaly traffic detection and analysis

GenieNRM today announced that Jiangsu Telecom has deployed GenieATM system for detecting anomaly attacks as well as to support their extremely large traffic flow after the provincial backbone bandwidth upgrade.

Jiangsu telecom offers diverse services including fixed line telephone, mobile service, internet connection, and application services such as IPTV. The need of internet services continues to grow in the province. For example, the IPTV system has reached a capacity of 2.52 million users by March 2010 and the number of subscribers is expected to further expand thus bandwidth upgrade is essential.

After the completion of backbone bandwidth upgrade in late 2011, the amount of traffic has increased significantly bringing the total outflowing provincial bandwidth to 3090G. For such high traffic flow, Jiangsu telecom uses the GenieATM Flow Load Balancer (FLB) to gather and analyse flows records from Jiangsu telecom backbone network. GenieATM-FLB supports extremely high-end routers with exports up to 1M fps from a single router. In combination with GenieATM collectors GenieATM6169, GenieATM6167, GenieATM6165, and GenieATM controller GenieATM6365, Jiangsu telecom has deployed a well-rounded solution for network-wide bandwidth growth trend and anomaly attack monitoring.

GenieATM effectively monitors and locates network-wide anomaly attack traffics, and sends security alerts via Syslog to Jiangsu telecom SOC unified platform for centralized security information gathering and management purposes. Additionally, GenieATM provides continuous anomaly monitoring and detection for critical service platforms. The application has been deployed at DNS server, IPTV service platform, P2P cache server, WLAN portal, and other important platforms. GenieATM is also proven beneficial at IDCs, enterprise, internet café, and campus internet for carrying out real-time monitoring and anomaly traffic detection for important customers.

Jiangsu Provincial Corporation, China Telecom (Jiangsu telecom) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Telecom Corporation Limited (China Telecom) where Jiangsu telecom was part of the quality asset of China Telecom to be listed on Hong Kong Exchange and New York Exchange in 2002 and 2006 respectively. Headquartered in Beijing, China Telecom is an extra-large state-owned telecom operator in China and provides integrated information services including internet connection, the largest fixed line service and third largest mobile telecommunication service in China. China Telecom has subsidiary companies in 31 provinces in China as well as international branches in Americas, Europe and Hong Kong. The business continues to develop with revenue totaling more than US$ 33 .4billion by the end of 2010.

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