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GenieATM is Chosen by a Tier-1 Service Provider in Europe for DDoS Attack Mitigation

(26th November) Genie Networks today announced that GenieATM is deployed at the Jiangsu Unicom network, along with 3rd party cleaning device, for network-wide traffic cleaning.

Through the previously installed GenieATM, the traffic analysis has recognised DoS / DDoS attack as the main type of internet threats to Jiangsu Unicom network. The attacks overwhelm service provider’s network by consuming user bandwidth availability (e.g. ACK Flood, UDP Flood, ICMP Flood and etc.) and service resources (e.g. SYN Flood, DNS Flood, and etc.) causing bandwidth congestions and services denial. Jiangsu Unicom therefore requires a solution to effectively mitigate DoS / DDoS attacks.

The solution used by Jiangsu Unicom consists of GenieATM traffic analysis system, a 3rd party cleaning device, and a 3rd party management platform which centrally coordinates and manages the three devices; offering a powerful traffic cleaning system. GenieATM primarily carries out real-time anomaly traffic monitoring and analysis and alerts the management platform via Syslog as soon as DoS / DDoS attacks are detected. The management platform then gathers the information from Syslog to alert the cleaning device for DDoS attack mitigation. The cleaning device diverts the anomaly traffic from the network and re-diverts the mitigated traffic back to the user network once the DDoS attacks are eliminated causing minimal service disruption.

By using the established safety models, network administrators will also be able to manually configure the appropriate defence strategy to carry out effective network-wide defence against DoS / DDoS attacks.

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