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GenieATM is now in collaboration with Radware’s DefensePro to provide effective Out-Of-Path (OOP) Mitigation against DDoS attacks

(8th April 2013) Genie Networks is pleased to announce the launch of a new feature of GenieATM integrating with DefensePro is now available.

GenieATM monitors and analyses network performances continuously and initiates prompt mitigations when anomalous traffic is detected in the network. GenieATM supports multiple ways of DDoS mitigation; the new launched feature of the DefensePro integration provides a proven-effective mitigation against DDoS attacks. The integration of GenieATM and DefensePro allows GenieATM to redirect attacked traffic flows to DefensePro for traffic validation and cleaning, i.e. OOP. Once the attacked traffic is diverted to DefensePro, DefensePro would scrub the attacking traffic out of the data path, using advanced behavioural analysis algorithms and various mitigation techniques, while preserving the legitimate traffic in which the cleaned traffic will then be re-injected back to its original destination.

The combined solution of GenieATM and DefensePro offers a complete detection and defense to the network security. GenieATM effectively detects DDoS attacks through a comprehensive set of detection engines, such as protocol-misuse, application-anomaly, traffic-baseline-anomaly, etc., with a network-wide perspective. DefensePro provides on demand traffic inspections while supporting a wide range of techniques to validate suspicious traffic hence filtering attacking traffics. Additionally, the OOP mitigation approach offered by the solution not only reduces the potential impacts and damages that may result in the network infrastructure but also minimises the deployment costs of traffic cleaning devices.

GenieATM is well integrated with DefensePro to provide users with a better user experience. The associated cleaning statistics of mitigation actions taken by DefensePro can be viewed under GenieATM’s interface where anomaly summary reports are generated, specifying mitigation details, such as time of mitigation, dropped traffic amount and etc.

Such combined solution is particularly beneficial to service providers with a large scale network as the devices can be deployed at peering layer to ensure off-net attacks are removed at the network edge, or, at central locations or regional cleaning centres to provide mitigation services to customers network-wide. GenieATM and DefensePro gives service providers unique advantages and powerful defense against DDoS attacks.