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The Total Network Threat Mitigation Solution, GenieATM + 3rd party traffic cleaning device, supports Shanghai Telecom in providing effective DDoS prevention and traffic analysis services

GenieNRM today announced that Shanghai Telecom, which operates the largest network in the China Telecom, has selected GenieATM + 3rd party traffic cleaning device as their solution for DDoS attack prevention and mitigation solution.

Shanghai Telecom is one of the wholly-owned subsidiaries of China Telecommunications Corporation (China Telecom) where Shanghai is one of the top-tier areas in Internet user concentration. Shanghai Telecom offers diverse services including fixed line telephone, mobile service, internet connection, satellite communication, and application services to more than 17.8 million customers. The priority goal is to provide customers with bandwidth availability 24/7 to maintain a quality service.

As a top-tier Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) service provider, Shanghai telecom is required to support aggregated traffic totaling as high as 4320Gbp. With the increasing threats from internet attacks, Shanghai telecom requires an effective solution to provide DDoS preventions as well as to address network-wide network security threats in a timely manner. The amount of network traffic and number of customer Shanghai telecom provides requires a high quality defense technology to achieve this objective.

GenieATM provides a built-in anomaly traffic detection engine which efficiently detects network attacks originated from both internal and external networks as well as promptly locates suspicious attackers and victims. As soon as threats are detected, GenieATM will then provide detailed reports about the incident and notify the 3rd party traffic cleaning device, a high-performance DDoS attack mitigation device, for suspicious traffic scrubbing.

Shanghai telecom operates the largest network in the entire China Telecom and plans to further improve the city's broadband communications speed. With the increasing amount of internet traffic, GenieATM + 3rd party traffic cleaning device provides an effective total solution for network threat mitigation solution for Shanghai telecom.

About Shanghai Telecom

Shanghai Telecommunication Co., Ltd. (Shanghai telecom) was formally established in 2008 as a subsidiary of China Telecommunication Corporate Limited (China Telecom). Shanghai telecom supports more than 50% of international call switching for the entire country where Shanghai is the city with the largest outbound traffic for telecommunications. China Telecom is an extra-large state-owned telecom operator in China and provides integrated information services including internet connection, the largest fixed line service and third largest mobile telecommunication service in China. China Telecom has subsidiary companies in 31 provinces in China as well as international branches in Americas, Europe and Hong Kong. The business continues to develop with revenue totaling more than US$ 33 .4billion by the end of 2010.