GenieATM Supports Telin in Peering Analysis and Infrastructure Security

Genie Networks is pleased to announce that it has provided PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (aka Telin) a with detailed peering analysis and DDOS mitigation solution.

Telin is a carrier service and investment company wholly owned by PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, the only state-owned telecommunication and network provider in Indonesia. Telin is dedicated to managing and developing business lines abroad, focusing on business solutions such as voice services, data services and strategic investment. Currently it has six subsidiaries based in Singapore, Hong Kong, Timor Leste, Australia, Malaysia and the USA.

Telin has applied the GenieATM Controller 6371 to support them with strategic peering solutions. By collecting xFlows at the rate up to 110,000 per second, GenieATM can analyze the traffic flow between different ASes and organize the raw data into insightful reports by using Rule-based Traffic Filters or generating different Top-N reports in an instant. This can allow Telin to provide more profitable and effective peering optimization with sufficient data to evaluate the outcome.

Telin has also reinforced its infrastructure security in combining the usage of GenieATM and its technical partner Radware. When Genie senses a DDOS attack or an anomaly traffic invasion, it will automatically redirect the attacks to the scrubbing center where Radware inspects and mitigates the suspicious flows, letting only “clean” flows reach their destination. The joint solution has been extremely successful with Genie’s overall performance receiving high praises.

“GenieATM has successfully protected our network from attack and has also provided us good traffic visibility.” says Tony Adi Wibowo, Head of Telin Operation “Thus I believe we are one step closer in fulfilling our vision in becoming the world’s hub of all networks.”