GenieATM provides Webzilla traffic visibility and effective DDoS mitigation

Genie Networks is pleased to announce that GenieATM has successfully supported Webzilla in traffic analysis and DDoS attack mitigation.

Webzilla is one of the world’s leading web hosting providers based in the Netherlands. Its services include Server Hosting, Colocation options and Content Delivery Network (CDN). The company was founded in 2005 and till now has expanded its backbone network capacity up to 1500Gbps. Linked with several multiple carrier-neutral datacenters based throughout the world, Webzilla provides data intensive industries a high-class IT infrastructure solution experience.

In order to enhance performance over its increasingly expanding network, Webzilla has used GenieATM 6000 series for its traffic visibility. GenieATM offers easy and flexible rule-based filters which enable Webzilla to analyze the traffic matrix whether it is within the network or between peers. With the use of Genie’s real-time snapshot tool Webzilla can locate the cause of network problems and further drill down with detailed breakdown reports.

Another feature of GenieATM is its cutting edge infrastructure security. With the Network Behavior Anomaly (NBA) Detection engine embedded in GenieATM, Webzilla can detect DDoS attacks and mitigate them at an early stage, ensuring its network overall bandwidth availability and performance. All in all, GenieATM has fulfilled Webzilla’s every need in providing a cost effective, safe and highly reliable environment for its customers.

About Webzilla

Webzilla is a part of XBT Holding and specializes in enterprise web hosting solution. It has partnership with most major tier 1 provider to ensure 1,500 Gbps capacity and has data centers situated in the USA, APAC and Europe. Webzilla offers enterprise-class IT infrastructure solutions to customers, guaranteeing a cost-efficient, scalable hosting environment based on client’s requirement. Up to now Webzilla is a trusted partner of more than 500 data-intensive enterprises in their respective industry.